[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=”” text_color=””]T[/fusion_dropcap]here are some changes happening at Moore & Jensen. Christine Jensen, after working in this law firm for 33 years, has decided to retire. I certainly have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I am very happy for her, that she is able to retire and be able to enjoy her life going forward. I will miss her, and I am sad that I will not have her in the office to consult with, discuss cases with, and fight the good fight with. Christine was always someone I could count on to step in on a case if I needed her, and to help keep this office running on an even keel.

I know Christine’s clients will miss her, and generally the injured workers in the state of Oregon will miss her. She was a tireless fighter who won a lot of cases that made a lot of difference for other injured workers in this state.

I am pleased to announce that we have hired another attorney to come into the office and continue the excellent work that Christine and I have been able to do and to offer excellent services to our current clients and our clients to be. Martie McQuain started out his professional life as a legal assistant to Adian Martin, a workers’ compensation attorney in Portland. From there, he went to law school at the University of Oregon and graduated in 2013. He’s been in practice since that time representing injured workers. I am excited to bring him on board and work with him to learn the ins and outs of this office and how we practice representing injured workers.

Again, on the one hand, it is sad to say goodbye to Christine, but I am excited to welcome Martie in, and look forward to continuing to represent injured workers here in Oregon.


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