The Supreme Court is making it easier to pass the Oregon State Bar exam. While I don’t necessarily think the Bar exam is the best way to sort out lawyers, it is better than most other ways. What this tells me is that people who hire lawyers need to be very careful. The best way to make the decision about which lawyer to hire is to talk to friends, do a little research and talk to the lawyer. My partner and I have over 60 years of practice between the two of us. We don’t advertise on TV or radio, but we do know, very well, what we are doing.


It Just Got Easier to Become a Lawyer in Oregon

The Oregon Supreme Court has decided to lower the score required by aspiring Oregon lawyers to pass the bar exam — The Daily Emerald, University of Oregon’s student paper, reported earlier this week.

Last year, 58 percent of the aspiring Oregon lawyers taking the bar exam passed.

In an interview with the Daily Emerald, the Vice President of the Faculty Senate Bill Harbaugh (who also writes the blog UO Matters) says that lowering the bar requirement will mean a substantial increase in the number of practicing lawyers in Oregon.

“This turns out to be a very big change,” Harbaugh told the Daily Emerald. “It would have increased the pass rate for July 2016 from the 58 percent it was to 68 percent—meaning 49 people who failed under the old score would have passed had the new score been in place.”

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