[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]V[/fusion_dropcap]ery recently, President Trump issued an executive order which puts an end to selecting federal administrative law judge’s by performance on a competitive examination and exempts them from all civil service protections to which they’ve long had. What this means is that it has turned all of the administrative law judge positions into patronage positions. This means that the judges can be hired or fired as a reward for whoever wins the presidential election.

Although this does not affect state administrative law judges in any way (and that is where all our workers’ comp cases go), it does affect the administrative law judges who decide Social Security benefits.

We here at Moore & Jensen do Social Security disability cases as well as workers’ compensation cases, and we certainly don’t want the administrative law judges fired because they grant benefits to too many people, nor do we want them to be hired specifically to not grant benefits. We want them to follow the law, to understand the facts, apply the law, and give benefits where they are warranted. Here is perspective of a veteran administrative law judge:

~ Chris Moore

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